Missouri Theatre’s new leader

Commitment. Optimism. Hope for the 1,100-seat beauty that is the Missouri Theatre.

That’s what I read in the Jan. 30, 2011 article by Lynn Israel in the Columbia Daily Tribune, which quoted Carole Sue DeLaite, new co-president of the Missouri Symphony Society board. Plans continue to be “made to keep the stage filled,” the article continued.

Keeping the stage filled includes the next event, a Feb. 26 concert with the Columbia Civic Orchestra and a Feb. 27 event with the Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

Reservations can be made at 875.0600 or via the website at The theatre is also, said DeLaite, available for events. The article quotes her as saying, “… we want to work with all the local arts organizations on a case-by-case basis to enable them to use the theater because, you know, we all saw this as a community resource, and we want to continue that.”

Jan. 30, 2011, Missouri Theatre names new leaders…”, Columbia Daily Tribune. Carole Sue DeLaite, new co-president of the Missouri Symphony Society board, said plans for keeping the theatre open are being made.

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A 1924 teardown alternative

In 1924, Berry McAlester moved the home at 2000 South Country Club Drive to its present location.

Today, the 1910 stone home is owned and lovingly kept by Russell and Mary Still. You can take a tour via this article published in the Dec 2000/Jan 2011 issue of Columbia Home and Lifestyle.

The home was moved to make way for the Tudor house McAlester built in 1927 at 2000 S. Country Club Drive. Today, it stands empty, for sale. You can take a peek inside by clicking on this virtual tour here.

These days, teardowns don’t involve a move of an elegant home across the street — they are literally torn down and typically replaced with what are called McMansions, homes that are often out of place with the other houses, destroying what is called the streetscape. A streetscape is the way an entire street or area looks, its character. A new home out of scale with its surroundings can look like a sore thumb.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has taken note of this trend and outlines what it is, where it is prevalent and what preservationists can do about it. Learn more here.

Why would someone tear down a house to make way for a new one? Sometimes the property is more valuable than the house. Sometimes the house is in poor condition. And sometimes people simply want a bigger home. But when an out of character home is built on a plot, it affects more than just the homeowner.

However, in this case of a 1924 alternative to a teardown, both homes still exist and are historic beauties.


Preservation, housing linked

Historic preservation is about economics and development, not just the aesthetics or history.

The White House on its Remake America Now website, announced three appointments to the Advisory Council of Historic Preservation. Two of the three people added to this Council have experience with providing affordable housing.

Clearly the Administration recognizes the economic importance of historic preservation.

Read more about the appointees and their past efforts to provide housing while preserving historic buildings.

Here’s the link:

Columbia Historic Preservation Commission

Public invited to Feb. 1, 2011 Notable Property Gala

Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011 is the date set for the annual Most Notable Property Gala.

The event is free and open to the public.

It will be held in the Historic Daniel Boone Building (City Hall) at 701 E. Broadway, with a presentation at 7 p.m. (This will be an excellent opportunity to see the newly renovated former Daniel Boone Tavern.)

At this event, the City of Columbia Historic Preservation Commission will unveil the home, buildings and properties selected for this year’s Most Notable Property.

In past years, the presentation has included photographs and a short history of the property.

The Historic Preservation Commission has been naming properties to a list of Most Notable Properties since 1998. Many years, the Commission named 10 properties to the list with those properties. Past properties named have included commercial properties, private homes, churches, buildings on the campuses of Stephens, Columbia College and the University of Missouri. There are even two cemeteries on the list of Notable Properties.

For more information, call: (573) 874-7239, or visit the web at:

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Funds for study of economic impact of historic preservation

Dec. 31, 2009 — State agency OKs grant for Columbia, Columbia Daily Tribune.

This article outlines the preliminary approval for a $12,000 grant from the state to Columbia to study the economic effect of historic preservation.

Why is this important? Some historic preservation is done with the aid of tax credits and there has been some discussion of cutting such programs. So it is important to know how historic preservation projects effect the economy.


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