Historical Homes

Arch McCard cabin at 121 West Blvd.

Here’s a link to a Nov. 28, 2010 article in the Columbia Daily Tribune outlining the history of this house, which started as a two-room cabin.


But if you’d like to see inside as well, you can go to this link on the House of Brokers site. http://www.houseofbrokers.com/listings/detail.php?lid=60280602&limit=0&offset=0&aid=006200047&oid=006200001&temp=1&aname=Betty+Tice&aimg=1&chome=1&agent_hasfeat=7&&posc=2&post=4&cfq=radarea%3D3%26startnewsearch%3D1%26aid%3D006200047%26oid%3D006200001%26temp%3D1%26aname%3DBetty%2BTice%26aimg%3D1%26chome%3D1%26agent_hasfeat%3D7%26searchtypesent%3D5%26radarea%3D3%26address%3Dwest%2Bblvd%26state%3D29%26b.x%3D48%26b.y%3D6%26SRSearchDate%3D1290972632%26SRRecordCount%3D4%26SRPage%3D1%26SRPageCount%3D1%26SRPageLinks%3D6

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